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Cancer   YOU are the CURE   

 Both Carmen and Hazel have experienced the effects of cancer.
Carmen helped her  husband through tongue cancer in 2016 and endured a long journey to recovery.
Hazel helped her husband through colon cancer 2006, plus had her own experience with a diagnosis of cancer in 2016.

From their own experiences Hazel and Carmen discovered that we each can play a very important role in our own recovery and return to health. There is so much a person can do for themselves during this time.

Hazel and Carmen teach practical tips on how you can help yourself and others though a cancer experience.  They share some of their own discoveries, how they overcame the fears that they were each faced with; how the mind can be your most effective tool; how conversations with your Soul can shed insights and how going with flow can ease the journey.



Our Infinite Power to Heal
Carmen and Hazel are Co Authors

Sharing 101 inspirational stories from everyday people,
this book will show you that profound healing is possible.

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Our Infinite Power to Heal

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