Carmen Braga

Carmen Braga
Self-Awareness & Confidence Coach for Women

Hi, I’m Carmen Braga. Since I’ve been on my own inner journey, I have
discovered a great deal about how myself and this world works. I have been blessed with
reconnecting with my Higher Self, Guides and Angels who have helped me to see the
truth behind this thing we call “life.”

I have been gifted with glimpses into what we call the “unknown” and shown why all of this is playing out the way it does.
Because of this special insight, I have created programs
designed to help you to see beyond the physical, through the eyes of the Soul.

This is all geared towards helping you to Empower Yourself from Within.
You will discover your self-confidence, your voice and your inner wisdom.

Here are some of the courses/sessions I am currently offering:


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In the dream world, the house represents “The Self.”

This 6 Month Mentorship Program will show you how to do a
Complete Inner Home Make-Over!!

We will work from the foundation (inner strength & grounding)
all the way up to the attic (spiritual awareness) and go through all the rooms
in between where I will help you to clean out all the old beliefs, programs
and perceptions that no longer serve you or your highest purpose.

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  • 3-90 minute one to one sessions per month (in person or via Zoom/Skype) (18 Sessions)
  • This time is completely customized to you and your needs at the time.
  • Sessions are recorded for you to go back to.
  • Unlimited Email & Text access to ask questions

Coaching & Training: (We will go through every room in your house & do a thorough cleaning)

*Family Programming *Roles *Children *Letting Go *Fears *Forgiveness *Self-Love
*Body, Mind & Soul Balancing *Illness *Release all Blocks *Mindfulness *Living in the Moment *Intuition *Open Yourself up to Abundance in all ways!
*Future planning

  1. Foundation: Inner strength, grounding.
  2. Porch or Patio: Enjoyment, relaxation
  3. Basement: Sexual awareness & unconscious
  4. Ground Floor: Daily living situations
  5. Kitchen: Work area; Cooking up plans, Preparation for nurturing
  6. Dining Room: Sustenance, nurturing, fellowship
  7. Living Room: Daily interaction with others
  8. Library: Intellect & learning
  9. Bedrooms: Rest, dreams, unconscious, sexual feelings
  10. Bathrooms: Cleansing, elimination of old
  11. Upstairs or Attic: Spiritual awareness

Note: We will work on 2 of these per month in addition to the coaching/training listed above.


  • VIP Day with the Angels!! – It Includes:
  • Learn and communicate with the Angels
  • Enhance Your Intuition
  • Dive into the world of Dreams & their meanings

“Working with Carmen opened so many doors and techniques to me that I didn’t know were possible and gave me insight into things that I already did, knew and experienced to help me understand how I was already interacting with my spirit team…I just didn’t know it was them at the time.
I love her simple, practical, heart-centered approach, tools and techniques and I’m excited to continue to work with them personally and with my clients.
I thoroughly enjoyed learning with Carmen and am excited for the next leg of my adventure with my new learnings!”

Coaching Packages:

  1. 6 Month Mentorship Program “Inner Home Make-Over”
  2. 3 Month Mentorship Program
  3. 6 Week “Empower Yourself from Within” Program
  4. 1 Month “Journey Within” Program 
  5. 2 Week Problem Solving Program
  6. Hourly Sessions

All of the above are one to One Private Coaching Sessions – Contact Carmen for Pricing

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Carmen, you have the unique ability to quickly connect, listen carefully and give honest, clear feedback.  I highly recommend you to anyone who needs some clarity, understanding, and empowerment…in any area of their life. A wonderful teacher, thank you for showing me how to
hold up my own mirror!  

Marcia M.

I feel fantastic! I feel like I am leaving the shire of my old life and stepping into a new world! A world where I am supposed to be surrounded by like-minded friends. I am learning so much about myself, I don’t even recognize myself from where I was when I started Carmen’s 6-week course. I feel like I need a telescope to see where I once was. And I’m not turning back! It’s full steam ahead. I am so grateful for Carmen and her wonderful training in helping and teaching me how to become a better, lighter version of myself!

Once again, thank you So Very Much Carmen!

Shannon S.

My name is Kayla, I work as a Psychiatric Nurse – therefore I have training in mental health therapy. But what I was looking for was a mentor to be able to guide me through my spiritual awakening. Into the world of the magical unknown (at the time). The things I needed to discuss and learn about myself I was able to do in a safe, non-judgemental space with Carmen. Things I knew I would not be able to find within a “professional” healthcare centre. 

   The name, “Healing Hearts”, is truly what Carmen is all about. She is such a genuine and loving being that truly has your best interest at heart! If anyone out there is feeling “alone” on their journey to their authentic self; Carmen provides an instant connection to ensure your comfort and growth. Not only does she tailor every program to each unique individual; but the content is delivered in a way that helps to empower you to grow and develop even after completing the
6-week course. She uses a variety of resources and books, as well as helps to connect you with more information so that you can go down the rabbit hole on your own later. I learnt so much about my physical body, spiritual body, my intuition and guides, as well as how to tap into the heart space by releasing fear, doubt, guilt, and all other low vibrating frequencies. 

   My experience with Carmen has truly shifted the way I relate to life and expanded my awareness of what we are all doing here. I highly recommend calling her, chat with her and see if it resonates with you. Although, just the fact that you are visiting this page right now, shows you were meant to be here. 

   Carmen, I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to expand so rapidly at a time when I felt like the only one experiencing these things. I now know that I am never alone. 

Sending you love and best wishes always.

Xo – Kayla

At a period of total loss of direction in my life I was drawn to reach out to Carmen. I had been following her FB posts for some time. I was mentored by Carmen and I now have life direction as well as tools for continual reflection and growth.

Julie V.D.

Carmen taught me many tools to use for connecting with my self (my soul) so I could hear myself and follow my heart on my path of healing and thriving in day to day life and creating my future based in what I truly desire.

Susie B.



I am currently an Instructor with NEXT Step &
Metro Continuing Education. 

I host a variety of classes and workshops and
I am an Author & Motivational Speaker.  

I am available for speaking engagements and am
Happy to Inspire Others to be Themselves.

To book me for one of your events or
individual counselling, call me at:

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