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  “Discovering ME”

   ” FREE to be ME”

From an early age I always said  I would be a teacher when I grew up, it was something I felt in my heart, something I knew with certainty in my mind, and something that I knew I was destined to do, no questions, no doubts. It is this intuitive knowing and connection of Heart, Mind and Soul that I now teach and coach individuals to embrace, understand and action.

If are ready to step on the path of Self Awareness
and willing to make changes in your own life
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I was born in Cheshire, England, where I taught High School before moving to Canada in 1980.

I then worked in the corporate field for over twenty years mostly in Sales, Management, Human Resources, Staff training;
Birks Jewellers for 14 yrs; Staples for 6 yrs.

I had diligently worked my way up the corporate ladders. until one day, when I asked myself  where will I be in 5 yrs, I knew, with that same certainty and knowing that I would be “teaching” again.

“I am FREE to be ME”

My “FREEDOM 55” was not what I expected. 

It had absolutely nothing to do with finances, material things, or retiring from work,

My  “FREEDOM 55” was  “FREE to be ME”

Free from old paradigms, old beliefs, past hurts, limiting expectations of others and myself, free from doubts and fears, free to follow my heart.

You too can be  “FREE to be ME”

Understanding who we are, why we feel and act the way we do, not knowing what to do next or where to go for help can be a daunting question.

I can  help you find YOUR own “FREE to be ME”

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admin-ajaxAlberta Reiki Centre
Reiki is “perfect” for Everyone

Reiki is – very much about the Body, Mind, Soul connections.
It is feeling totally at peace, being connected with all that is, and following your own intuition.

Reiki is Empowering –

What is Reiki ?

Reiki helps usto become more Self aware of who we are and how we live our lives, allowing and accepting people and things for who and what they truly are.

Reiki enables us to release old negative thinking, emotions, habits and beliefs, heal past hurts, issues or conflicts.

Reiki is simple, powerful, natural and safe. It is kind, loving, caring and brings us much happiness, peace and joy.

Learning Reiki is simply the best and most effective way to help you make positive changes quickly and permanently.

Reiki shows us how to live in the moment, recognize our lessons and experiences, open our hearts to love, open our minds to possibilities, unleash our potential to be our True Selves.

Reiki teaches usabout ourselves, our world, our thoughts, words and deeds.

Reiki gives us opportunities to connect on many dimensions, to communicate within, to access our Life Records (Akashic Records), to communicate with those who are no longer physically with us.

Reiki encourages us to trust in ourselves, to trust the process, to trust our own insights and intuition.

Reiki enlightens us it leads us to live our lives pure in heart, pure in thought, pure in deeds

Reiki supports us every step of the way, every day.

Reiki teaches us to let go of that which no longer serves us, breathe in life, and invite happiness into our lives.

Reiki is an effective way to meditate, quieten the mind, and connect to your soul

Reiki creates the path to  “The I am , that I am” to become the “I am Presence”

Reiki is limitless it is always available, its potential is endless.


food-2Reiki Precepts – Just for Today I am –
Free of Anger
Free of Worry
Diligent in all I do
Full of Gratitude
Kind to Others and Myself

These five precepts help us to live our lives from a place of Love and Gratitude,
Allowing and Accepting, Kindness and Gentleness.
They invite Happiness into our very Being.
It is like inviting the sun to shine within us.

Reiki Levels 1,2,3.

5422142450_057f850826_bReiki classes

Level 1 – The Body
Learning what Reiki is, the history of Reiki, the 5 Reiki Precepts, how to do Self Reiki and how to practice Reiki on Friends and family. Also within this class we explore energy, help develop your sensory awareness, explore and discover about “YOURSELF”  through intuitive interpretation of energy, messages and insights received during class.
A comprehensive manual and materials for class are included, all you need bring is an open mind and a willingness to learn.

Level 2 – The Mind
We now are able to make conscious choices how and when to embrace Reiki. We can consciously tap into this resource to help empower us, to restore Balance and Harmony and to connect inter-dimensionally. We have the access code to open to all possibilities and potential

Level 3 – The Soul
This is a very enlightening, Self Empowering class. When taking Level 3, a student is making a commitment to Living a Reiki Life.
It is about Walking the Walk, Becoming Reiki, Being the Best you can possibly Be – Your True Authentic Self.
Level 3 is about YOU. It is reaching an understanding of Reiki, embracing your own empowerment,realizing your own unique giftedness. It is about going deeper into your own Being and tapping into your own potential.


Becoming a Reiki practitioner

5824425017_d208621488Reiki Practitioner –


upon completion of Level 3 and  30 case studies, a student is now considered qualified to be able to set up a bonafide business and charge full fees for sessions. Until then a Student is still a student learning Reiki. Students may charge nominal fees for their services as they complete their 20 practicums for level 2 and their 30 case studies for level 3. These practicums and case studies provide valuable insights and help a student develop their skills more quickly and effectively.
Reiki Practitioner Certificate – 
is issued after the completion of 30 case studies.

To become a member of the Canadian Reiki Association, students must send in 20 case studies as proof of their experience with reiki.

Certificates for Level 1,2 and 3 classes –
show the dates that students completed their theory classes
and received their Attunements to Reiki.

Level 4 Reiki Master Teacher

For those wishing to teach Reiki to friends, family or as a profession, please call Hazel to set up a time to meet and discuss your options. This class includes 4 full days of theory, followed by practical classes where students take an active role part in the teaching of students, plus a meet up after for Q&A . This is an in-depth class, where you not only learn the theory to teach, but will also be given lots of ideas, materials and support to help you create your own classes based on the true Essence and Origins of Reiki. It is important to keep the integrity of Reiki.

Level 5 Self Mastery 555

For those wishing to continue with their studies and work with the New frequencies of the 5th Dimension.
There are no shortcuts to Self Mastery, it is a commitment to oneself to continue to learn, grow and evolve .


“Hazel Help”       

 2 hrs of Self Discovery,
helping YOU discover  YOU.

“Inner Reflections”  with Hazel

An Interactive and Intuitive One to One session

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 Hazel will help you to get to know yourself more clearly as you “Explore and Discover” what your life is teaching YOU about YOU.

  “I am Free to be ME”

Understanding who we are, how we function, why we feel and act the way we do
can be a daunting question.

In these sessions YOU will discover Answers for Yourself – About Yourself,
and, YOU will be able to make choices or decisions that Resonate
and Feel Right for YOU.

We will Explore and Discover through –
Observation –             Looking at Your Self without judgement
Comprehension –     Understanding Your Self  
Creation –                    Creating Your Best Self
Meditation –               Connecting with  Higher Self
Communication-      Within Your Self and with others
Inner Reflection –    What life and people are reflecting back to you
Dedication –               Making a commitment to self, because You are Worthy
Action  –                       Learning to make good choices by Your Self for Your Self
Contemplation –       Thinking for Your Self
Sensation –                 Developing  sensory Awareness of your Energy systems
Intuition –                   Trusting your own Instincts and Self guidance
Inspiration –              Inspiring Your Self, motivating Your Self
Perception –               Insights and Self Awareness, seeing things differently
Intention –                  Consciously  choosing your words and actions
Introspection –         Observing own thoughts and feelings
Relaxation –               Learning how to relax and create calm in chaos.
Connection –             Putting the pieces of the puzzle together
Visualization –           Seeing with your minds eye
Imagination –             Removing barriers where anything is possible




“I am Free to be Me”
“I am More than my Physical Body”

Hazel –  780-719-2280 or





“Hazel Time”     

Enjoy 1 hr of total R&R
Relaxation and Rebalancing

Enjoy a well deserved “Time Out”

Hazel intuitively works with some of the many energy techniques she has learned or discovered for herself over the last 12 years. Sessions may include- Reiki, Colour, Sound, Tuning Forks, Tibetan Energy as well as Visualizations or Meditations.

Minimal dialogue or discussion is had during these sessions to ensure you have a well deserved relaxing, peaceful, “time out”.


“Hazel Support”     $85 hr

Life can be very hectic and the lack of time can be an issue, which is why you can still have “Hazel Time” by phone.
Support Sessions are scheduled ahead of time, the same as a regular sessions, payment is made at the time of booking. E transfers accepted.