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Healing Hearts Centre Classroom,
We are so excited to have our VERY OWN classroom.
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We have made it easy for you to register online;
However if you still prefer to pay by  E-transfer, please  email: hazelandcarmen@gmail.com
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 Class dates March – 10th, 24th, 31st   9am – 4pm  
Couples wishing to Learn Reiki Levels 1& 2.

For details and to register  on line   click here
To register by E transfer, email: Hazel@albertareiki.com



Valentines Special – Gifts Certificates for Men
Offer valid until Feb 14th
Learn Reiki Levels 1& 2 Class –  dates to be determined
To purchase by E transfer email: Hazel@albertareiki.com


To register on line click here
to register by E transfer please contact Carmen

email:  HazelandCarmen@gmail.com
or Call: Carmen 780.994.3000 


To register on line click here
to register by E transfer please contact Carmen

email:  HazelandCarmen@gmail.com
or Call: Carmen 780.994.3000 



One to One Sessionscarmen-new-pic-4 with Carmen Braga    

One to One “Intuitive Session”       

Inner Reflections Answers Your Questions”

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We live in very interesting times right now, times that will prove to go down in history.  We have never had an awakening like this on a global level before and believe me…we are waking up!  
This truly is a time for inner reflection because the truth of who you are and your entire experience here will be found only on the inside.  You see, whatever is happening on the outside is a direct reflection of what’s happening on the inside.  
When we look at the “outer world” as a whole, it has been immersed in wars, chaos, fear, anger and unforgiveness for thousands of years.  Now, look at the “inside” of people and what do you see?  Almost everyone is in a state of inner chaos to one degree or another and live life completely by ego identification.  Many people are filled with fear, anger, pain, resentment and depression and when you look at it, that is what is happening in the “outer world” isn’t it?  
You don’t have to live in that world anymore and there really is an easy way out and I can show you because I am doing it myself.  You will come to see how everything in your life is in fact a spiritual gift from yourself to yourself.  The soul’s true purpose is simply to be happy – the ego is the “human” part of ourselves that has the need to overthink and over complicate things.  
It is time to let go of the old ways of thinking and doing but the good news is…it’s not scary and it’s not hard…it’s real easy when you know how and if you want me to show you then please contact me at:

Carmen Braga – 780.994.3000




One to One Sessions

 with Hazel Butterworth   

 2  hrs of Self Discovery, $150
Helping YOU discover  YOU.

An Interactive  One to One session


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 Hazel will help you to get to know yourself more clearly as you “Explore and Discover” what your life is teaching YOU about YOU.

  “I am Free to be ME”

My “ Freedom  55”  was not what I expected.
It had absolutely nothing to do with finances, material things, retiring from work, taking it easy.

My FREEDOM 55 was being  “ FREE to be ME”

Free from old paradigms, old beliefs, past hurts, limiting expectations of others and myself,
victim to circumstances and society, free  from doubts and fears.

Understanding who we are, how we function, why we feel and act the way we do
can be a daunting question.

In these sessions YOU will discover Answers for Yourself – About Yourself,
and, YOU will be able to make choices or decisions that Resonate
and Feel Right for YOU.

We will explore and discover through-
Observation –            looking at Your Self
Perception –               understanding Your Self
Creation –                    creating Your Best Self
Meditation –               connecting with  Higher Self
Communication-      with Your Soul Self
Inner Reflections –  seeing and working with Your inner Self
Dedication –               making good choices by Your Self for Your Self
Contemplation –       thinking for Your Self
Sensation –                 developing sensory Awareness of Self
Intuition –                   trusting your own Self, intuitive writing
Inspiration –              inspiring Your Self, motivating Your Self


“I am Free to be Me”
“I am More than my Physical Body”

 Hazel –  780-719-2280 or



Enter through door 124, at the corner of the building, look for our Logo