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About Carmen Braga

Self-Awakening Mentor for Women

Hi, I am Carmen and I mentor women who have emotionally abusive backgrounds. Women who abuse themselves with their self-talk and think they are not worthy of good things in life. Women who struggle with: Self-Sabotage, Self-Worth, Low Self-Image, and Low Self-Esteem. Women who experience things like stress, anxiety, emotional eating, anger, worry, guilt, loneliness, abandonment, and trust issues and most of all…women who cannot seem to love themselves no matter what.

Prior to 15 years ago, my life was filled with abuse, addictions, fear, and sadness. I was a mere shell of who I am today. I was in such a deep, dark hole that I quite literally experienced a Divine Intervention that not only changed my life, but it also saved my life. I have been called to help you because it speaks to my heart and I do not want you to have to stay in that place of darkness any longer!

I continually see women who are holding themselves back from life because of their past pain and trauma because they simply do not know the way out, but I do, and I can help. I know you have incredible gifts just waiting to be revealed and I know that it is possible to live happily ever after!

I am Certified In: Life Coaching (CCF), Soul Coaching (Denise Linn), Angel Therapy (Doreen Virtue), Usui Reiki (Hazel Butterworth – Alberta Reiki Center), Instructor for NEXT Step & Metro Continuing Education and most importantly…LIFE EXPERIENCE!

These programs and mentorships are designed to help you to deepen your awareness of yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I will help you to dissolve and resolve any dark, dense energies you may be holding onto from past pain and/or trauma.


Empower Yourself from Within

6 Week Program for Women

Have you ever asked the questions: Who Am I? and What is My Purpose in Life? If so, then this is the program for you. It is designed to help you to start understanding who you are and why you are here, all the while, leading directly to what your purpose is in life. I will personally guide you in one-to-one sessions where we will delve into the following:
  • Family Programming
  • The Roles We Play and Why
  • What the Children are here to Teach Us
  • ​Fears
  • ​Forgiveness
  • ​Self-Love
This is the beginning of what I call “The Waking Up Process.” You will gain a clear understanding of who you are as well as the people in your life. You will begin to open up to the possibilities that are within you as well as your own intuition and self-guidance. You will experience changes within yourself in ways that will indeed empower you and help you to shift your trajectory going forward to that of an upward motion resulting in greater clarity and peace of mind.

Inner Home Makeover

3 Month Journey Within

Let us say the embodiment of who you are is represented as a house. What does your house look and feel like, inside and out? Is it neat and tidy? A little bit messy? Or a disaster? 

The house represents “The self” so what this program is designed to do is look into what your house is saying about you. We will go from room to room, letting go of the old, outdated “stuff” you have been holding onto and essentially…clean house! We will then re-build your dream home (self) from the foundation (grounding/ structure) all the way up to the attic (spiritual awareness). I will personally guide you on this journey within via one-to-one sessions. This program will consist of:
  • Looking at where you are now and where you want to be
  • ​Releasing the blocks/barriers that have been holding you back
  • Self-Sabotage (Why and how to stop it)
  • ​Letting go of fear and facing life head on
  • ​Illnesses – What it/they are trying to tell you
  • ​Intuitive Connection with your Higher Self
The Journey Within is a fascinating process and one that you will come to greatly appreciate as it will help you to let go of all that no longer serves you and lighten up in every sense of the word. 
We are incredibly complex beings and there is so much of ourselves to explore. This is the beginning of the “New You” and a “New Life.” 

Once your house is clean, you will have all the tools necessary to keep it that way in the future. It really is Possible to Live Happily Ever After!

Connecting Beyond the Trauma

6 Month Mentorship Program
for Women

This program is designed for women who really want to transform their lives! I am fully committed to working with you one to one personally where I will help you to systematically dissolve the old programs you have been holding onto and all the “dark stuff” so you can step into being your most authentic self which is “light.”

These are things like negative self-talk, low self-esteem, stress and anxiety, worry, fear, guilt, resentment, sadness, anger, victim thinking, and that feeling that you are somehow disconnected from your self or source.

This Program was Created For the Woman Who:
  • Emotionally abuses herself. (I am ugly, not smart enough, too fat, too thin, hate myself, not worthy, etc.)
  • ​Is stressed and anxiety ridden
  • Is holding onto past trauma/pain, resentment & guilt (Family/Spouse)
  • ​Living in fear
  • Feels she does not deserve good things (love, kindness, respect)
  • ​Is unhappy with herself and her life
I created this mentorship program because I really want to see you transform your life and I know you can!

This kind of transformation does not happen in a weekend or even a couple of weeks, but it can in as little as 6 months! I will help you take your life from A to Z and you will not believe how much you will learn and how far you will have gone in that short amount of time! So, what do you say? Are you ready? Let’s do this together and make a difference! 

You Deserve to Put Yourself First Now! 
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