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About Hazel Butterworth

Catalyst and Mentor for Self Awareness, Self Empowerment and Self Realization. Reiki Master Teacher, Author

Hi, I am Hazel, I am a Catalyst for Self Liberation through Self Awareness and Self Empowerment. I intuitively guide midlife women and men to tune into their Heart and Soul so they can easily and effortlessly navigate their own life path to place of peace, joy and happiness.

My Rocky Path to Freedom:

I grew up... in the land of have and have nots where social class created many barriers and road blocks that challenged my self-esteem, self worth and self confidence.
I pushed onwards - I stayed on my chosen path and followed my intuition and dream to become a High School Teacher.

I set out on an adventure... My husband and I chose to emigrate to Canada. I could not teach here, so chose to work in the corporate world where I worked hard for 14 yrs to climb the mountain of success, then a car accident stopped me in my tracks and the company did not keep my job. Now what?

I was lost... not knowing who I was or where I was going in life. I went down the rabbit hole of depression and had to find my own way out only to go back into another corporate setting for 6 more years of long hours, literally busting my gut as I developed gall stones and had to be off work again.

CATALYST MOMENT, my turnaround point... Receiving a Reiki session was the catalyst that turned my life around, it opened a whole new pathway for me. Within a month I took my first Reiki class and felt I was “home” It was as though I had new direction and purpose. I felt a certainty and knowing within me that had been hidden for a long time. I knew I would be teaching Reiki one day.

This was my fork in the road... I had to make a decision for myself, which path I would take from here.

Back on track... It was at this time I chose to get back on my true path and return to what I do best and that is to teach. Teaching is my biggest passion. I love helping students and clients discover about themselves and assist them to create their own “FREE to be ME” and live life they LOVE.

Rocky road... I have had the cancer diagnosis, my husband too. I have experienced how stored emotions of rejection and resentment can affect your health. I have had my bubble burst. I have many many T shirts for being there and doing that. My own experiences have taught me so much.

Smooth road, clear skies ahead... I now have clarity, I know who I am, how I want to live my life, what is true for me, what brings me joy and makes my heart smile. I know and trust my inner GPS guidance. I embrace life trusting that I have the skills to navigate easily, whatever shows up for me. I now understand and comprehend how life is always reflecting back to me to help guide me. I now choose how to live my life, who I want in my life, and what I do with my life. It is my life, my responsibility.

As a Catalyst, I teach from my own experiences and Mentor YOU through your own experiences.

Reiki Individual Session

Reiki sessions are 90 mins

Enjoy a well deserved "Time Out" to relax, rejuvenate, restore and rest, for your body has an innate ability to heal itself when given the opportunity to be in stillness.

You do not have to do anything except lie on the table, fully clothed under a cozy blanket and listen to relaxing music. If you fall asleep that’s ok, you still receive the benefits of Reiki.

Remote Sessions are also offered through Distance Reiki, you can receive your sessions in the comfort of your own home.

Simply set an inpired intention of what you wish to invite for yourself, perhaps experience deep relaxation; perhaps to release and let go of certain emotions, pains or tensions; or perhaps to gain some insights and inspiration. Then close your eyes and enjoy being surrounded by Love and Light.

Everybody responds a little differently when receiving a Reiki session but all say how soothing and comforting it is. After each session there is time for feedback and discussion

Everyone Can Learn Reiki

Reiki is all about “Inviting happiness into your life” & it is one of the best investments of your time and energy!

Reiki is your own pathway to Self Mastery and happiness. If you wish to continue your studies further, you can choose to certify as a REIKI PRACTITIONER, give Reiki sessions to assist others, certify as a REIKI MASTER TEACHER and inspire others to learn Reiki.

Reiki can be learned by anyone who is ready and willing to take responsibility for themselves, look deeper within themselves, and willing to explore the Universal realms of possibilities and potential.

Reiki is not a quick study, it takes months to integrate and put into practice all that you discover as you journey through the multiple levels of Reiki and the multilayers and dimensions of yourself.

The philosophy of Reiki teaches about Serenity, Peace, Diligence, Kindness, Integrity, Gratitude and EGO; how to be present in the moment; how to meditate; live from the heart and Soul with compassion and understanding. It truly is about being at peace with all that is.
Some of the benefits of Learning Reiki for yourself are:
  • BECOME more self-aware and self-empowered
  • DEVELOP your OWN intuition & inner gifts
  • DISCOVER your TRUE Authentic Self and your potential
  • ​EMBRACE your own personal journey and navigate it with ease
  • ​EXPLORE the invisible and inter-dimensional you
  • ​REMOVE limitations, fear, doubt
  • ​UNDERSTAND how your thoughts, words and actions are all energy
  • ​CONSTRUCT new thought processes, programming and habits
  • ​HARNESS your own ENERGY
  • CONNECT to Conscious, Sub-conscious and Super Conscious Self
  • ​CREATE inner calm and peace


Empowering Moments Program

6 x 90min Sessions over 7 months for Women

This Self Liberation mentorship program will take you on your own unique self journey to explore and discover your true self as well as find insights and answers along the way.

This path will be a gentle winding path exploring many concepts along the way. The direction you take will be determined by your own life experiences and priorities. We will cover all the concepts to find the Keys along the way. We will learn to navigate, thoughts, emotions, beliefs and programming, what life is showing you, how to tap into your insights, dreams and messages, what your body is telling you, how to release and let go, how to live from the heart and Soul.

YOU are the KEY to unlocking YOURSELF. “LOOK – SEE – CHOOSE – BE”

We will explore the following as we navigate your path to self liberation:
  • 6 Keys to Life – To Awaken – Live – Love – Laugh – Learn – Evolve
  • 6 Transformational Keys to create change
  • 6 Components to unlock – YOUR Mind – Heart – Limiting beliefs – Potential – Answers – Yourself.
  • ​6 Daily practices
This is the route for you at this time if:
  • you are curious about who am I, how do I navigate my emotions, how do I trust my inner instincts and wish to learn more about yourself from this perspective
  • you wish to learn in a less structured environment as you navigate your adventure to finding the key to unlock yourself
  • you wish to learn how to understand what life is showing you, what people are reflecting back to you, or what you are creating for yourself




First session
2 hrs
  • We will establish your present whereabouts, where your current path is leading you, where you wish to go and how you wish to proceed on your journey
Following 6 weeks

  • It takes six weeks to change a habit, these six weeks will be addressing some of your priority issues to help clear the way for new habits to be created.
EVERY 2 Weeks

  • It takes three months or more to establish new habits and make permanent changes. Each month we will explore the transformational keys to create change as we begin to unlock your potential and infinite possibilities.
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