We welcome all who are on their path to opening their hearts and minds 
to a new way of seeing life, one filled with love, hope, happiness and joy.


Ignite Peace within is a place of LEARNING, a place of GROWTH and a place of HEALING through the HEART. 


We help you to let go of all that no longer serves you. To release the baggage that has been holding you back and blocking you from your purpose.


We help you to become empowered in every aspect of your life so you can live from a place of peace and calm instead of chaos and fear.

Personal Growth Education & Transformation
Delivered Simply And With Integrity.


Align your body and mind to unlock an unstoppable force of motivation.


Resolve & break free from the invisible chains of your past that are trapping you from confidence and health.


Reconstruct your brain & body for long-term mental, spiritual and psychological & physical health.


Repurpose your weaknesses into strengths that will propel you to the body & health of your dreams.


Renew your subconscious to continually make healthy choices effortlessly without struggle.


Rewire your mind & body for positive results.


Feel trapped by negative thought patterns

Have had past
experiences hold them back

Let their path be taken off course by personal challenges

Have tried and failed numerous times before asking for help



Self-Awakening Mentor for Women

Hi, I am Carmen and I mentor women who have emotionally abusive backgrounds. Women who abuse themselves with their self-talk and think they are not worthy of good things in life. Women who struggle with: Self-Sabotage, Self-Worth, Low Self-Image, and Low Self-Esteem. Women who experience things like stress, anxiety, emotional eating, anger, worry, guilt, loneliness, abandonment, and trust issues and most of all…women who cannot seem to love themselves no matter what.

Prior to 15 years ago, my life was filled with abuse, addictions, fear, and sadness. I was a mere shell of who I am today. I was in such a deep, dark hole that I quite literally experienced a Divine Intervention that not only changed my life, but it also saved my life. I have been called to help you because it speaks to my heart and I do not want you to have to stay in that place of darkness any longer!

I continually see women who are holding themselves back from life because of their past pain and trauma because they simply do not know the way out, but I do, and I can help. I know you have incredible gifts just waiting to be revealed and I know that it is possible to live happily ever after!

I am Certified In: Life Coaching (CCF), Soul Coaching (Denise Linn), Angel Therapy (Doreen Virtue), Usui Reiki (Hazel Butterworth – Alberta Reiki Center), Instructor for NEXT Step & Metro Continuing Education and most importantly…LIFE EXPERIENCE!

EMPOWER Yourself 

This program is for women with emotionally abusive backgrounds. Women who abuse themselves with their self-talk and think they are not worthy of good things in life.


Catalyst and Mentor for Self Awareness, Self Empowerment and Self Realization.
Reiki Master Teacher, Author.

From an early age I always knew I was going to be a teacher when I grew up, it was something I felt in my heart, something I knew with certainty in my mind, and something that I knew I was destined to do. It is this intuitive innermost knowing and connection of Heart, Mind and Soul that I now teach and mentor women and men to be able to get in tune with, for themselves.
Teaching and mentoring is my passion and as an old Soul with a lot of wisdom and experiences to draw from, I share practical simplistic approaches to navigate what appears to be a very complicated life.

Everyone is unique, there is not one method that fits all, which is why I help you to become your own CATALYST and create your own EMPOWERING MOMENTS for yourself.

Over the years Hazel Time (sessions) and Hazel Influence (Mentoring) evolved as clients and students, when they needed gentle nudges or assistance, simply asked for Hazel Help. They knew I was able to help them see life from various perspectives so they could understand energetically, symbolically and metaphysically what their own life experiences were bringing to their awareness and personal evolution.
  • My freedom 55 was “Free to BE me”
    - other people no longer defined or limited me.
  • My freedom 65 was “Free OF me”
    - I no longer limit myself, I AM infinite, I AM limitless.
  • You too can liberate yourself and set yourself free.
I am a certified High School teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Colour Sound Therapist. I left the corporate world after 20 yrs as a manager, buyer and trainer and have been teaching Reiki, Self-Awareness and Self-Empowerment for over 15yrs. 

I have been an instructor at NEXT step & Metro Continuing Education, and Keynote Speaker for audiences 100- 450 women.

Reiki Pathway

Where we approach everything from an Energy Perspective. 

We are able to tune into our own Universal energy fields of thoughts, emotions, and self awareness.

We are able to tap into our intuition and gut instincts to gain insights and wisdom for ourselves.

We can receive Reiki sessions which is wonderful or we can learn Reiki for ourselves which is very empowering.

Self Liberation Pathway

Self Liberation mentorship program will take you on your own unique self journey to explore and discover your true self as well as find insights and answers along the way. We will learn to navigate, thoughts, emotions, beliefs and programming, what life is showing you, how to tap into your insights, dreams and messages, what your body is telling you, how to release and let go, how to live from the heart and Soul.


Transformative Leadership & Spiritual Director

As a mentor, my role is to uncover your exquisite diamond brilliance and to support you in bringing that brilliance to the world with polish and confidence.

I have an absolute passion for personal and professional growth and I believe we are all here to become the best versions of ourselves whether that be through health, wealth or right relationships. I am honoured and humbled to help others articulate their dream lives. We all been given divine gifts and our call is to share those gifts with the world!

From a young age I have always been a leader. Not afraid to shy away from a challenge nor cut a path of firsts for women in traditionally male dominated industries. I have always believed we can do anything if we have a clear vision, build foundations and take inspired action to bring ideas to reality. 

As an experienced educator and knowledge translator, I have a knack for cutting through the noise to help you architect your best life on both the professional and personal side. I can help you take the lead on your journey and co-create a road map with you to align all areas of your life.

I am a certified executive coach, Proctor Gallagher Consultant and apprentice spiritual director. I always work with my clients to create a sacred space to embrace your authentic self, work through your challenges and live a new way. 

I am a supportive companion for your spirit and will help you bring your ideas to reality.

Leadership Pathway

Do you find yourself stuck or dealing with a challenging situation you need guided support through? Together we will uncover, lean in and see through where you are at and where you want to be. 

Spiritual Direction Pathway

Through sacred truth and gentle guidance we can bring polish to your soul and empower you to explore a deeper relationship with the Divine, God, Allah, Tao, The Universe, nature or however you may refer to your higher self. 

Karine M.

Thank you so much for this Hazel. I feel the difference now. Even more so from after the weeeknd. It’s like something clicked. Finally for the first time in my life, I truly feel free. I longed for this my whole life. I know I have much much more to learn and lessons, but I can do it peacefully. That’s the difference. 

Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me and I am sure thankful for you being in my life. I can learn sooo so much from you. Most of all thank you for unconditional love. You love radiates like sunshine , rays that beam through the hearts that need filling when they didn’t know how to fill it themselves. It was enough to keep me going till I could learn to fill my own heart. Which I get now after learning reiki, the workshops and being around other loving souls. The best thing that could have ever happened to me, I can honestly say at this moment….I am bliss. 

Have a beautiful loving day Hazel, thank you so much for your friendship. 

Jen P.

I’ve really struggled with writing this testimonial, mostly because I’m showing that I’ve been vulnerable and in sharing I’m also showing and exposing my vulnerabilities.

There was a very dark phase for me a while back and it got so bad and so dark that I actually considered ending it all. (First time in my life I’ve ever considered this and I actually did give it some serious thought). Now, keep in mind I’ve always been the strong one for everyone else and have had to have my shit together because I’m completely alone out here in AB except for my little one.

I’m not sure how it came to be or what initiated my conversation with Carmen but I ended up having a coaching session with her and she just intuitively knew what to say to remind me of who I was. With all the worldly crap going on in the world, I had lost myself and forgot who I was. Carmen is so intuitive and so gifted, she actually saved my life that day. I don’t know if she knew the severity and seriousness of the situation but she was my last option. And she was able to pull me out.

Thank you sooo much Carmen you are an absolute blessing to everyone who’s lives you’ve touched!

Holly M.

Working with Cathy was life changing! I came to Cathy as a small business owner frustrated and having hit a plateau. I had outgrown a lot of other handmade businesses but couldn’t seem to break through that plateau. Cathy got to work right away and helped me change my focus and discover talents I wasn’t using.

Her mentorship helped me to create two lucrative lines of business that took me from making $10.00/sale to $1000.00/sale. She showed me the power of business partnerships to build market share and to leverage partnership strengths. I was able to buy my dream car and I was able to follow a plan that shifted my business model from low ticket items to luxury items which is where I truly wanted to be. 

Cathy truly helped me lean into my hidden talents and to become the successful businesswoman I was meant to be! I am now living life by my terms and with the income I have always dreamed of! Cathy you are brilliant! I am so grateful for all of your coaching, mentorship and support. 

Thank you, Cathy, for believing in me and helping me believe in myself!


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a place of LEARNING,
a place of GROWTH and
a place of HEALING
through the HEART.


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